What is a Live Image?
A live image is a linked video that is activated by an image.
When you use the Live Portrait app to scan the image, the linked video will begin playing through the image

How do I make a Live Image?
Use our form to the right to upload your video and image.
The link should be active 10 minutes after your upload completes.

How do I view a Live Images?
Download the Live Portrait App, available for free on the App Store or Google Play.
Apple devices running iOS 7.0 and above, including iPads.
Android devices running 4.1 or newer.
Open the Live Portrait App, hover your phone over the image (any print medium will do), and the video will play, making your image appear to come to life.

Specifications for photos and videos
Image: .jpg or .png
Video: .mp4, .m4v, and .mov
The smaller the video, the faster it works. The maximum size is 200MB
Videos are stored for three years – renewals available

Please Upload your Data
Project Name
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